After my appointment I now believe I can get my life back. It was lovely to finally have someone understand and explain my extremely low energy levels and I now look forward to the future knowing that a few changes in my diet and what my body was lacking will bring me back to my normal energy fuelled self. I recommend that everyone should try this treatment, why exist when you can live!!! Thank-you Emma. Ps… I had the best night sleep last night, can’t remember the last time that happened.
I had my first appointment with Emma today. If this is something you haven’t tried then I recommend that you do! To say I was amazed is an understatement.
Emma is such a warm and open person and she truly has a gift. I cannot recommend highly enough for your body, mind & soul xx
Emma makes you feel at ease from the moment you first meet her, a truly gifted spiritual therapist. I cannot recommend enough a session in her peaceful sanctuary!
I was a sick wreck when I went to see Emma and after my session and taking the remedies recommended I am feeling like a new woman. Emma you saved me and I’m so grateful!
I was with Emma Henry today and after my visit I feel great. Anyone who is feeling down, unwell, stressed, or has something that is annoying them please contact Emma. It will be the best call you ever make. A beautiful, caring, wonderful, down to earth Lady who listens intently to make you feel alive. Thank you sincerely Emma. Xx
“My 9 year old son had been experiencing abdominal migraines. He was totally out of sorts and the discomfort in his stomach was so bad he had missed half the school term and we were spending 2 out of 7 nights in Accident and Emergency. Many visits to the Doctor and several Consultants later and we were no further forward so I decided to try Kinesiology. Before my eyes my son improved and reacted so well to Emma’s treatment and by the end of the session he was relaxed and energised. A few hours later my son’s pain in his stomach had totally disappeared and he was himself again. To this day my son is happy and we have had no recurrences of his ailments.”
In just 2 kinesiology treatments with Emma our 4 year old daughter’s eczema has completely cleared up. I cannot recommend Emma highly enough. There are no words to describe the difference she has made to our lives.
I have been having regular kinesiology sessions with Emma for the past 15 months. I can honestly say without exaggeration that I am now a completely different person. I have gone from having no direction and health problems to truly living my life. My kinesiology sessions have been a spiralling journey back to my true self. I was totally amazed at the accuracy of things that were operating within me at a conscious and unconscious level and from my first visit with Emma I felt much better. Emma is a very caring, understanding, sincere, non-judgemental wonderful lady. Emma has changed my life completely. I also joined the meditation group at the Four Winds which is just amazing to calm the mind.
I really cannot recommend Emma enough. As when I contacted Emma I was a wreck, I lacked energy &motivation. By nature I am a very creative person but there were times in recent months where I wasn’t able to do so as I was so unwell. My tests from the doctor came back clear. One meeting with Emma resulted in me finally having a answer to my issues. I took her advice and I am back too being myself, I even break out in a run when needed. I just want to say Thank-you Emma x
I can only describe my first session with Emma as “a miracle on a bed.” I had little understanding prior and Emma made me feel completely at ease with her knowledge and professionalism. I had the most profound experience on so many different levels and look forward to my next session. When I told my husband about it he immediately booked himself in for the following week! I could not recommend Emma highly enough.
I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are such a wonderful person doing brilliant work.
To anyone who is seeking peace of mind, you need to come to this meditation. It is different from any other meditation I have attended. All that is required is to sit comfortably and listen to the beautiful clearing meditation given my Roisin Campbell. There is no effort involved and no pressure to be any way other than how you feel in that moment. I look forward to it every week. It is a profound experience.