Awaken your client’s true potential

This one-day Emotional Truth workshop has been designed for holistic therapists wishing to explore the hidden depths of the emotional realm with their clients and support them as they face the emotions they have been taught to resist.


For the most part our clients have an awareness that they feel anxious, sad, angry or heartbroken but for many there is a knowing that there is more to discover and resolve. These are the emotions have been pushed down for years, even decades, hidden away in a secret location where your clients have forgotten how to reach them. These emotions that have been so diligently avoided and denied are what give rise to how your clients feel, what they experience and what they attract into their lives.

Presented by Emma Henry, Universal Kinesiologist, this powerful workshop will enable you as the therapist to guide and support your clients as they journey inward to discover the unprocessed emotions and memories waiting to be acknowledged and healed.

This workshop offers holistic therapists a unique way to

  • identify priority suppressed emotions
  • release them via the Meridian Energy System
  • stimulate the 5 senses
  • integrate the energetic transformation into the physical.

By bringing attention to what is going on within, your clients can discover the light and truth of themselves, taking responsibility for their emotions and becoming the leaders of their own journey.

Things we’ll cover

Holistic therapists will gain demonstratable competency in:

  1. Elimination of emotional compensations through connecting with the truth of the heart.
  2. Identifying priority emotions hidden and suppressed beneath the fear, grief, sadness, anger and worry.
  3. Location of the beginning and end points of the 14 Meridians in the body.
  4. Location and use of Neuro-Emotional Reflex Points
  5. Discovering the specific characteristics and functions of the 14 Meridians.
  6. How to use the 5 senses when correcting emotional imbalances:
    1. Colour
    2. Vibrational flower essences
    3. Tuning forks
    4. Essential oils
    5. Meridian tapping
  7. Gait-centering technique
  8. Balance figure 8 energies